We work using
Agile + Scrum

We divide each assignment into equal periods of time, usually one or two weeks (sprints) and start working. Before the start of each period we discuss with the client the most important goals to achieve, and after the sprint is over we present the effects of the work done.

agile schema

Customer Contact

Each stage of the order is carried out in consultation with the customer, so that you can be sure of satisfaction with the work done. We do not want to waste your budget, but use it to the maximum to achieve the best possible goal.

We customarily use: discord, google meet, traditional email, face-to-face meetings.

Further support

We help clients adjust to new systems and suggest what else should be done, even after the order is completed. We want each of our clients, past and present, to know that they can count on professional support. Always!

Project Technologies

The technologies we use are matched to the platforms. We are guided by the compatibility of the selected system, the speed of operation of individual solutions and saving the customer's budget.

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Classic web application: Framework .Net Core 3.1+ + ( MS SQL or My SQL )

Classic web application: ( Laravel 8+ Framework or Framework CodeIgniter 4+ ) + My SQL.

PWA/SPA application with REST Api: Angular 8+ + [ ( .Net Core 3.1+ + MS SQL ) or ( Laravel Framework 8+ + My SQL) ]

Graphics, design

Adobe XD

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe After Effects



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mobile technologies decoration

Mobile Applications


Software: Android Studio

Language: Kotlin


Software: X-Code

Language: Swift


We provide each employee with all the necessary equipment to do their job. Both remotely and in the office. The employee decides whether to leave the equipment received for the duration of the work in the office or take it to work remotely.

Additionally, we provide a company car in case you need to travel to a client or attend another business meeting.



docking station




comfy chair

desk mat




One of our services is hiring programmers and designers on an hourly basis. If you need software improvement, one-time support for a campaign or system implementation - get in touch with us!


In our office, remotely or at a client's office.


Based on a monthly roster of hours worked, invoiced at the end of each month.