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Project valuation

Each project is priced individually, negotiating with the client the most important aspects of the project and the priority of tasks. Together we determine the sequence of work, costs and settlement method in order to meet the requirements and capabilities of the client. We are also open to barter settlement proposals and cooperation with other companies in the framework of joint projects.

You can hire us on an outsourcing basis, we will work for you on clearly defined terms performing the orders entrusted on an ongoing basis. This is the best solution for companies that do not yet have a specific end product they want to achieve, but know where to start. Our rates are competitive in the market, their amount depends on the entrusted duties, the complexity of the tasks and the number of rented hours. Exact prices and number of hours we set with each client individually.


Skoring BS sp. z o.o.

05.06.2020 r.

Skoring BS sp. z o.o.

SKORING BS Sp. z o.o. has cooperated and continues to cooperate with Code Town Sp. z o.o. At that time Code Town company was responsible for...

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S7 Health sp. z o.o.

21.05.2019 r.

S7HEALTH Sp. z o.o.

S7Health, based in Wrocław, confirms the cooperation with Code Town Sp. z o.o. This company performs its tasks with due diligence...

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Bank Spółdzielczy w Zatorze

27.06.2019 r.

Cooperative Bank in Zator

Cooperative Bank in Zator hereby confirms by this letter that Code Town Sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Bielsko-Biała...

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Adam Jankowski Kancelaria Radcy Prawnego

08.03.2020 r.

Legal Advisor Adam Jankowski

Code Town Sp. z o.o. created a graphic design for the Office of Legal Advisor Adam Jankowski...

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Billing methods

Depending on the adopted model of cooperation, budget and project assumptions, we always propose several financial solutions for the orders we carry out. We adjust the possibilities and pace of work to the budget and deadlines for achieving jointly set goals.

Time & Material
Billing based on current work
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We sign a framework agreement specifying the hourly rate, number of people involved and required skills.

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At the end of each month, we send an invoice along with a list of hours worked.

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Over the course of the contract, you can flexibly decrease and increase the number of people on the project, depending on the needs and urgency of the assignments.

Fixed Price
Settlement based on the total project
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We sign a framework agreement specifying the final effect of the order, amount and time of completion.

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When starting a job, we require a minimum deposit of 35% of the order value, the rest is divided into tranches or paid at the end of the job.

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During contractually stipulated follow-up meetings, we discuss the progress of the work and possibly change the trajectory to achieve the goal if the client's concept changes.